Service Design

What do your customers really want?

What customers experience when they come into contact with your organisation matters, more and more. You only get one chance to make a first impression. And that’s exactly what Service Design does: ensures you make a good impression on your customer, worthy of your brand.

Create insight

Mapping out your customers’ needs, wishes and aspirations – and linking them to your systems, culture, employees and data – clearly shows you how you can add value and create a customer experience that makes a good impression and is profitable. Both in the short and long term.

Our approach


We start by mapping out the customer experience using customer journey mapping. We go through all the steps that a customer takes in their relationship with your organisation, and work out all the issues that matter. This method lets you visualise your customer’s needs, wishes and aspirations, and use them to detect any sticking points and possible improvements.


Involving your most important stakeholders in the creation of your customer experience paves the way for us to effectively convert the sticking points we detect into actual improvements. You can also choose to get extra help from goCX in the form of programme management or as a sparring partner. Whatever you decide, you’ll see the customer experience start to change almost immediately.

How we can help you

Customer Journey Mapping 6D Workshop

Discover the go CX Customer Journey Mapping 6D Method and get started building your own customer journeys in one day.

Learn to build your own customer journey
In the Customer Journey Mapping 6D Workshop, we immerse you in how customer journey mapping works exactly, and help you build your own customer journey.

Together with your colleagues
Sitting together with your colleagues around the drawing board helps you build broad support and arrive at a brand-worthy customer experience quickly.

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CX Programme Management & Interim Management

Do you have everything you need in house, but not enough time to ensure your CX projects succeed? We recognise this problem, and fortunately also have a solution for it.

Acting on insights
We strongly believe that the insights gained and strategies developed are only useful when they’re acted upon. And our CX professionals are experts at this.

Interim professionals
Our interim professionals can fill a temporary gap in your organisation. Bringing a goCX professional on board means adding experience to accelerate finding pragmatic solutions.

Bring a professional on board

Our Service Design Specialist

Jean Felix – Senior Customer Experience Consultant

Jean was raised on figures and the creative minds of marketing, putting him in an ideal position to ask exactly the right questions to make your customer experience profitable.

He earned his stripes working as an analyst, and later as a project manager on strategic projects, to take organisations to the next level. He then put this experience to good use making clear company strategies and implementing them. ‘Think deeply about your strategy and then implement it as if your life depends on it,’ is a typical quote from Jean.

Are you already measuring the customer experience in your customer journey?

Measuring your customers’ experiences throughout their journeys gives you real-time insights into where the best possibilities for optimisation lie.

Analyse with our software

Our software can analyse real-time and archived communications such as phone calls, chats, emails and social feeds. This enables you to gain valuable insights and increase the value that your employees deliver to customers, structurally improving your customer experience, Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction score and operational efficiency.

Our platform uses its AI engine to convert spoken and written conversions into usable data:

  • Signal Analytics: calculating simple metrics such as response time, raised voices, number of silences…
  • Speech Recognition: converting spoken conversations using neural networks, speech recognition and machine learning
  • Natural Language Processing: conversations are categorised and checked for compliance, sentiment analysis, call flow…
  • Indexing: all conversations are saved, indexed and prepared for data mining

We convert all this information into a dashboard so that you can see the status of your customer experience at a glance.


You can easily make your own customer journey measurable. Getting started is even simpler:

    We take your privacy seriously. Your data is stored so that we can follow up your request. We will not add you to our mailing list for direct marketing by email unless we have your permission. You will find more information about what we do with your data in our privacy declaration.

    Proud of the organisations where we’ve been able to really focus on the customer

    Our interim professionals

    And we’re also proud of our interim professionals!