About goCX


At goCX, we specialise in everything to do with customer centricity. We use design thinking to achieve better and more innovative results. We do everything to make your customer experience profitable.

Action-oriented consultants

goCX professionals are probably the most action-oriented consultants you’ll ever come across. Traditional consultants have the tendency to write long reports and mainly listen to themselves. We strongly believe in less talk and more action.

100% focussed on the customer

We’re 100% focussed on the customer. Everything we do is customer centric and adds value. And we do it in an open, transparent and targeted way. Does that matter? We think so, because these qualities describe an organisation aimed at helping customers and really focusing on the customer for every decision.

Why choose goCX?

We speak one language very well: the customers’ language

Building customer experiences, nurturing passion for customers, helping people work in a customer-centric way, generating and analysing customer data. That’s what we do in a nutshell.

Do more and make progress

We’re open, transparent and targeted. We think this is important because these are the characteristic qualities you find in companies that place customers at the heart of what they do. Walk the talk.

Cross-functional teams

At goCX, we don’t operate in departments. For years we’ve worked with cross-functional teams that convert ideas and concepts into reality. Having a good mix of experts around the table adds value to your projects.

We’ve seen every corner of Europe

We know all of Europe and its qualities very well thanks to our many years of experience helping European companies work in a customer-centric way.

What we do for you

Customer Centricity

Create a customer-centric strategy for a good and profitable customer experience.

Develop your customer strategy


Reorganize your services and improve the quality of your customer experience.

Design your customer experience

Trainings and workshops

Develop the right skills in your team to create valuable customer experiences.

Develop your skills in CX

Customer research

Gain insight into your customers and turn those new insights into improvements and innovations.

Listen to the customer's voice


18 May 2020
The returning customer: life after lockdown

Companies across the world have been taking measures at various levels. This brings us to a key question: will the world – including customers’ behaviour – have changed irrevocably, or will everything go back to the way things were?

06 May 2020
Improving customer experience in times of crisis

In today’s ever-changing context, it’s especially important for organisations to understand their customers’ expectations and views on certain issues, in order to better meet their needs. In this blog, we discuss 3 ½ actions you can take to instantly improve customer experience and reap the rewards.

15 Sep 2018
goCX gets nomination

goCX received a nomination for Best Interim Management. Federgon, the Belgian federation for HR service providers, recognizes Belgium’s best interim manager for 2018 with this award.

13 Aug 2018
Pride at London office opening

goCX has its first London office. The opening of this division is a reflection of the opportunities here, and our intention to invest in the market.