Twee vrouwen zitten op kantoor te werken achter hun laptops en lachen naar elkaar Twee vrouwen zitten op kantoor te werken achter hun laptops en lachen naar elkaar Twee vrouwen zitten op kantoor te werken achter hun laptops en lachen naar elkaar
Twee vrouwen zitten op kantoor te werken achter hun laptops en lachen naar elkaar

Ready to generate more Return on Experience?

Build a customer experience that helps your business grow

Discover Remarkable CX

At goCX, we speak one language really fluently: the customer’s language. And we know very well how we can convert this into value for your company.

goCX provides the tools, methods and hands-on expertise to turn your customers into real fans of your company. We help transform organisations into becoming customer centric by providing support in terms of strategy, design, people, culture, performance and programme delivery.

What we do for you

Customer Centricity

To improve your customer experience, you start by building a customer-centric strategy. goCX helps initiate, discover and set up your vision.

Develop your strategy further


Bring the customer experience to life by mapping it out and building purposeful customer experiences. Profitable customer experiences, of course.

Design your experience further

Learning & Performing

Follow online and offline customer experience training courses based on years of experience, research, customer insights and an endless passion for customers.

Learn new
CX skills

CX Management

The right tools or expertise make the difference. Our software solutions and interim managers guide you towards a higher Return on Experience.

Get experts on board

Need to boost your customer-centric thinking?

We bring you fully up to speed using customer journey mapping in a one-day workshop.

With our Customer Journey 6D Method, you’ll discover what customer journey mapping is and how it works in a customer-centric organisation. Then you can immediately convert this knowledge into actions within your company.

Do you not have a customer-centric organisation yet, or is the customer journey workshop still a step too far? No problem. Let us get to know you so that together we can find the best starting place for your specific situation.

Start building your organisation for tomorrow, today:

  • let a group of experts challenge your employees to consider where the customer is placed within the organisation
  • let a multidisciplinary team from your organisation build a sound customer experience strategy
  • gain a clear view of the actions to be taken

Requesting your Customer Journey Workshop is easy:

We take your privacy seriously. Your data is stored so that we can follow up your request. We will not add you to our mailing list for direct marketing by email unless we have your permission. You will find more information about what we do with your data in our privacy declaration.

Do you want a customer-centric organisation?

We look at strategy through the customers’ eyes. We help with your transformation into a customer-centric and future-proof organisation that easily copes with change.

CX Accelerate

Do you want to respond to what customers say in real time?

Our innovative and effective Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE) solutions let you measure your business’ customer performance and CX programmes in real time.

Remarkable CX

We’re proud of the organisations where we’ve been able to really focus on the customer

Our interim professionals

And we’re also proud of our interim professionals!