Customer Journey Map template

Build, maintain, and strengthen relationships with your customers
by mapping their journey

Having an end-to-end view on the entire customer journey is becoming increasingly important in a world where interactions between customers and companies often span several channels. The demand for qualitative interactions sends the traditional solutions to the history books.

Organizations build and maintain relationships with prospects and customers and come up with solutions which seem to be tailor-made every single time. And this is where customer journey mapping comes in.

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What you need to take into account


Clearly define the purpose of your customer journey effort

Define what you want to achieve with the insights which will be generated by the customer journey exercise. Do you want to map reality or clarify your vision for the future? Do you want to look for improvements or do you want to inspire?


Invite subject matter experts to the drawing table

Collect customer data to help you shape your customer journey. Share these insights with your cross-functional experts so that they can enrich the research.


Go ahead and map the customer journey

Gather people around the drawing table and start with the first steps of your customer journey. Map your steps based on the research and expertise and iterate to perfection.

Step by step

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