Interview guide

A guide for those who want to understand customers

Countless books have been written on how to correctly conduct interviews with customers, but the reality is that for most of us it’s still a daunting thing to do. Starting a conversation with a customer in the context of customer research is often something which feels unnatural. That is why we are happy to provide you with some pointers which you can use when you start your challenge.

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What you need to take into account


Build rapport and establish trust as quickly as possible

You may be experienced in conducting interviews, but your customers are certainly not used to being interviewed by a (potential) supplier.


Ask the right questions

Think about what questions you will be asking before you start the conversation. Invite the customer to elaborate on topics if it is of interest to you.


Listen before talking

It is easier said than done: give your customer time to think about their answers. It allows your customer to think about the topic, structure his or her ideas and go beyond the obvious.

Step by step

Have a look at a short introduction to our practical five-step plan, which is discussed in the guide extensively.

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