Pride at London office opening

goCX, the most action-oriented customer experience consultants in the Benelux region, has its first London office. The opening of this division is a reflection of the opportunities here, and our intention to invest in the market.

‘Over the past year, we as an organisation have experienced very strong growth,’ says Michel Stevens, Managing Partner at goCX. ‘The opening of our London office is a very logical step in our development. We will focus here mainly on research into new technologies to help our clients speed up improvements to their customer experience.’

‘It allows us to quickly take advantage of emerging technologies such as sentiment analysis or speech recognition. This is essential because most of our customers are already beyond the basics and have benefited from quick wins, so now we need to structurally improve their customer experience and employee experience,’ says Gwen Van den Born, Managing Partner at goCX.

Since being founded in 2016, goCX has grown rapidly thanks to continuous and sustained innovation and excellent professionalism. The customer centricity service, which aims in particular at designing and implementing customer experiences, online and on-site training courses and customer experience management, ensures that good intentions are converted into profitable customer experience.

Companies across Europe are improving their key customer metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score, and their retention and acquisition figures, through collaborations with goCX.