From customer journey to customer experience

Whereas traditional organisations still see outsourcing as a way of cutting costs, leading organisations see it as a way of adding very specific value. When goCX announced it was organising a series of customer journey workshops, 60K – an award-winning customer contact outsourcing company with branches in Bulgaria, among other places – was very keen to give its employees the chance to delve deeper into customer journey mapping.

‘It fully aligns with our vision to deliver high-quality customer experiences to our clients’ customers,’ says Caroline Palchovska, Learning & Development Director at 60K. ‘It also fits our long-term strategy to build a high-performance culture where people are continuously able to work on the customer experience.’

‘We developed customer journeys together with the team in the workshop, and looked at how you can convert them into reality in practice. The aim is to build a tool that really helps people influence the customer experience,’ says Van den Born.

goCX has developed customer journeys for 15 different organisations this year alone, so its work has already reached and influenced hundreds of thousands of customers.