Remarkable CX

Build your customer experience and measure the improvement straight away

Remarkable CX is where customer experience design meets blended learning and customer experience management.

With Remarkable CX, we combine various methods to make you an excellent customer experience manager. We draw up the customer journey, set up a continuous measurement system, and make sure your employees have the skills needed to delight your customers. This allows us to guarantee your Return on Experience.

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    What Remarkable CX entails

    Customer Journey Map

    Together, we outline the customer experience using the Customer Journey Mapping 6D Method. We define the moments of truth, various touchpoints, brilliant basics and delightful details. We also look at where the customer journey needs to lead – so you have a very clear view of both your current situation and the desired outcome.

    Measuring experience

    We use our CXReview platform to measure customer experience and enhance the customer journey. CXReview listens to all conversations with customers across various channels, and analyses them for their sentiment, engagement, compliance, opportunities and quality.

    Training employees

    We assess where your employees are in their CX development, analyse what customer experience they are currently delivering, and find out where there’s a need for training. We draw up a training plan and provide online and on-site training in customer experience, customer culture, customer service and leadership skills.

    Journey Measurement

    We constantly measure the customer experience using our CXReview platform. All data is sent to the right person via automatic processes, so they can intervene in real time if necessary. We also process the data in management reports, process improvements, and constantly benchmark the customer experience. So you always have a view of your Return on Experience.

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